Our Menu Selections
Our Menu Changes daily

Hummus Dip
Taproom Nachos
163 Quesadilla’s  
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Boneless Wings  
Chicken Wings
Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks

Deviled Egg Crostini’s

Cranberry & Candied Walnut Salad
163 Chopped Salad
Taproom House Salad
Spinach & Goat Salad
Cowboy Chili

Today's Chowder & Soup Specials
Foot Long Chili Dog
Social Boards
Cheese Board
Meat Board  

Pulled Pork Sandwich 
Deluxe Pulled Pork

BLT Panini

"The Cuban" Panini
Caprese Chicken Sandwich
Reuben Panini
Smokehouse Burger
Taproom Burger
California Burger

Specialty Sandwiches
The Grist: Prosciutto, fresh mozzerella, rosded red peppers on herb flatbreat
The Hop Back: Turkey, pepper bacon, cheddar, mixed greens & siracha mayo on sourdough
The Publican: Roast Beef, cheddar, briased ale onions, jalapeno & horseradish mayo on italian panini bread
The Cascade: Grilled Chicken, goat cheese, roasted red pappers, spinach & tomato & pesto mayo on Italian Panini Bread

Our Menu Selections
Our Menu Changes daily

Specialty Sandwiches
The Pitch: Brie Cheese, Avacado, spinach,
pickled red onion & balsamic reduction
The Hellas: Garlic roasted red pepper hummus,
artichokes, diced tomato, red onion & mixed
greens on a garlic herb wrap
The Cask: Turkey, goat cheese, roasted red
peppers, spinach, tomato & pesto vinaigre-
tte on a garlic herb wrap

Specialty Sandwiches
The Stout: Roast Beef,swiss cheese, pepper
bacon, sweet & tangly coleslaw on Itialian
panini bread
The Craft: Turkey, brie cheese, green apples,
tomato, mixed greens & raspberry vinaigrette
on a garlic herb wrap
T he Barrel: Shaved corn beef, swiss cheese,
3 grain mustard on marble rye

Kids: Served with chips, animal crackers & house pickles
Grilled Cheese
Mac N' Cheese
Hot Dog
Pb & J
Pb & Fluff
Boneless Chicken Wings
Turkey & American Cheese Sandwhich